Discipleship: Day 4

Proverbs 20:27 The spirit of a man is the lamp of the Lord, searching all the inner depths of his heart.

Mans spirit is the lamp or we could say light of the Lord, searching the inner depths of our heart. If we are born again then our spirit has Godís life in it.

We have been made one with Jesus Christ.

We will receive enlightenment through our born again recreated spirit.

This Scripture was written to Old Testament saints, but how much more should we the living church be led and guided this way! Many Christians seek outside guidance or some spectacular sign and donít even realize they have the supernatural right on the inside of them. They totally ignore the one way Godís Word says enlightenment will come. It comes by the inner leading of the Holy Spirit.

Christians often judge how God is leading them by looking at outward circumstances or by what their natural senses are showing them. In other words, if it looks right and feels right then it must be right.

God does not lead His children in the sense realm. We are spiritual beings, and He communicates with us through our spirit.

Our senses or outward circumstances can say one thing that looks right in the natural but that is not the leading of the Holy Spirit. Our senses can mislead us, but the inward witness of the Holy Spirit will always lead us into His will. This is where we will find Godís peace, and this is where victory is. What a way to live, glory to God!



I am a spiritual being. My spirit is the lamp of the Lord. I am being enlightened through my spirit. God is guiding me through my spirit, and I follow Him.