Ann was inspired to write this psalm or song after reading; A More Sure Word. You will find this in the Soul Food section if you want to read it.

It truly blessed me, and she was kind enough to let me share this on this site.

God's Word -- By: Ann Doupont

Iíve got Godís Word in me.
Itís made me free.
Iíve got the victory.

Get Godís Word in you.
He will be true
To do what He said Heíd do.

Stay in the Word.
Thatís the cry of my heart.
Yes, stay in Godís Word.
Heíll give you a new start.

His Word will not return void.
Itíll help you to not be annoyed.

Believe it. Receive it.
Understand it, and do what it says.
Itíll change your life, free you from all strife, within.
Itíll make you strong, put you where you belong, And free you from all sin.

God is changing me. Godís Word is keeping me, free.
Godís Word is on the inside of me. In His Word, I do abide.
Itís His Word that in me I hide.

I love Godís Word. I put it first in my life.
Day by day, I look to the Lord. Yes, each & every day, I pray
In accordance with Godís Word.

Following Jesus, Iíll not go astray.
Following His plan for my life, and being sure to pray
"Not my will, but Thine, be done."
The answers are in Godís Word.

To be a doer and not just a hearer
Is my quest.
Heís made me newer. Heís my burden bearer,
And now I have Godís best.

I stay in the Word.
Faith comes by hearing, not having heard
Once upon a time.

Daily I seek Him.
My light never growing dim.
The entrance of Godís Word bringing light to my life.

Walking with Jesus. He is the Word.
I really do love Him. Iíll obey what He said
In His Word.

Thereís freedom in Jesus
Heís my best friend.
He leads me to still waters.
On Him I do depend.

His Word is not shallow.
He meant what He said, in His Word.
His Word is to be hallowed
By all of His children.
Itís then that theyíll see that
Weíre His disciples
When we love one another
Both sister and brother.

God is love. Sent from up above.
His Word is true. What He said Heíd do, Heíll do it for you.

Strength today. Courage and hope.
Wisdom and power and grace be yours.
Heís sure to open up doors.

So, donít give up. And, donít give in.
Give it all to Him. Give it all to the Lord.
Exchange your thoughts for His. He is the Word.
He loves you so. So much more than youíll ever know.
Youíll be sure to grow, if you stay in the Word of the Lord.