Hearts one Desire

If we will be happy in the Lord and rejoice.

And commit our life to Him.

He’ll be our hearts one desire,

And our life will shine from within.

If we trust in the Lord and do good.

Be still before Him and wait.

Not worry of others that succeed.

For His timing is never late.

Remember the evil will be cut off.

And the wicked will be no more.

As the meek will inherit the land,

And like eagles with Him soar.

The Lord will delight in our good ways.

When our steps are firm and for Him we stand.

If we should stumble, we will not fall.

For we’re held in the palm of His hands.

As the righteous will be rewarded.

Our soul shall find rest in Him alone.

He will be our rock and our salvation,

And one day He’ll take us home.

Let’s call on Him until our heart grows faint.

And He’ll lead us to that place that is higher.

And if we commit our life to Him.

He will be our hearts one desire.

By: K. Ricks