Prayer of Sufficiency and Thanksgiving

Father God, I thank you for your promises.

I thank you, that you are indeed more than enough for me. That your Word promises that you will hear me if I call on you.

I thank you, that you do answer my prayers, when I pray according to your Word.

Thank you, Father for your gift of salvation, through Your son, Jesus who died for me.

Thank you for being with me through all the trials and tests Satan has sent against me.

I know, Father, that only good comes from you and that you will deliver me from trouble, just as you delivered Paul and Silas in their midnight hour.

I Praise you, Jesus that Satan is a defeated foe and has no authority over me.

Thank you, Father for the victory in all my situations. Thank you that I am the redeemed and Satan has no authority over me or my life.

Lord, I give you all the praise and glory!

In Jesus name, Amen.


Prayer of Forgiveness

Father, I ask you to forgive me of anger and bitterness.

I ask you to forgive me for judging others and criticizing those around me.

Father, I know that your spirit dwells in me, that I have your love deep inside of me and now, Father I ask that you help me let that love flow out of me, like a gushing river.

Let my family resemblance to you shine, Father.

Let others see Jesus in me.

Father, I forgive __________ , I know that they may or may not have meant to hurt me or do me wrong, but I forgive them Father and I ask that they forgive me, too.

Father, help me to have the courage to ask their forgiveness personally.

Father, I ask that your love, peace, joy and longsuffering fill me and I cast out anger, resentment, judgmental and critical behavior.

I thank you Father for your love and mercy, for your mercy endureth forever.

In Jesusí name I pray: Amen


Father, I thank you for your Word. I thank you that we can come to you in prayer, in Your Sonís Jesus name and ask according to your Word and you will give us our petitions. Give me a hunger for your Word, Lord, so that I will abide in it and Your Words will abide in me. Help me to remember your Word when I pray, so that I will always pray according to your Word. You tell us, Father, that you hear us when we pray according to Your Word. I thank you for that. I thank you that I can have the confidence that when I pray, you hear me. Help me to always glorify you in everything I do. Help me to always bear fruit that glorifies you in every walk of my life. Thank you for meeting my needs, and causing me to prosper, even as my soul prospers, as I daily talk with you, study your Word and walk with you. Father God, I love you so much, you are so Good. Thank you Father, Praise your Holy Name.

In Jesus name, Amen.







Father God, thank you for your Son Jesus, who gave everything for me.

Thank you for His redemption.

Thank you for my new life in Christ.

Father, teach me how to pray according to your Word.

Forgive me of my sins, Father -intentional and intentional.

Help me to walk in forgiveness toward others and show me how I have may have offended others, so that I may seek their forgiveness.

Father, I believe your word, that you will meet my needs and hear my prayers.

I thank you for the answers and I thank You for Your assurance that You will show me when I pray selfishly or in a wrong way.

Thank you for teaching me to pray believing that I have the answers.

In Jesus Name I pray, Amen.






Prayer of Thanksgiving


Father, I know that you are my rock and no unrighteousness dwells in you.

Thank you, Lord for the Holy Spirit that dwells in me, to lead me, direct me, guide me, strengthen me and teach me in your ways.

Thank you that I am more that a conqueror, that I will flourish like a palm tree, that because I am planted in the House of the Lord, I will flourish and prosper.

Thank you for destroying the works of the enemy in my life and now Lord, I draw closer to you. I resist the lies of the devil. I submit to you. I know Your Word promises me that you will lift me up and I that I will be victorious. Thank you Lord, In Jesus name, Amen.



Prayer for Christian Growth


Father God, I know that because I am your child - you care for me.

I know that when I call - you will answer me.

But I also know that I cannot live as a baby Christian forever.

I know that I need to grow in the grace and knowledge of Our Lord and Savior.

Jesus Christ. Your word says in the Book of James, that I should ask for wisdom and understanding. Now Lord, I ask you to help me understand the Bible. Help me to understand it when I read it so that I will study it more and more. Open the eyes of my understanding so that I can study to show myself approved, someone who does not need to be ashamed of my ignorance of things of God. Help me to find your wisdom, Lord, so that I can understand righteousness and find the right path for me.

Thank you for hearing and answering my prayer, Lord Jesus.












Father God, I know that you are love, and if I am born again I have your nature in me. Your nature is love, Father.

Fill me completely with that love, so that I am a cup running over with love.

Help me to pour out that love to others, Lord. Not just my friends but my enemies

as well.

I know that your Word says, "Forgive and it will be forgiven me".

Help me to forgive, Father. Help me to forgive anyone who has hurt me, or done me wrong. Help me to forgive myself for things I did wrong in the past.

Lord, with your love dwelling in me, I am now able to forgive others and I thank you for that.

Father, if there is anyone I have hurt or offended, show me, so that I can ask their forgiveness, too.

Forgive me, Father for hurting others, intentionally and unintentionally.

Help me now, Father to put that love in practice.

To not be angry or offended, to not fight back but to keep quiet and pray for that person. I will walk in your Peace and Love , Father because Your word says that is what I am to do.

Show me how to pray for my brothers and sisters, Lord, and show me how to pray for my enemies.

Lord, Help me to prosper in all that I do, by walking in love and faith. Help me to be strong, because I know that my strength comes from you, Lord.

Thank you, Father.

In Jesus name,