Seven Steps to Receiving the Holy Spirit

Following are seven suggested steps to helping someone receive the Baptism in The Holy Spirit:

1. Help the person to understand that just as God the Father gave the Holy Spirit on the day

of Pentecost, it is still available to believers today. It is a free gift that the believer only

has to receive.

2. Help the person to understand that any born again believer may receive the Baptism in

the Holy Spirit and is ready to receive, because He is born again.

Acts. 2:38

3. Tell the person to expect to receive the Holy Spirit when hands are laid on them.

Acts. 8:14-17

4. Tell the person what to expect. Tell him that he may not "feel" anything, that the

important thing for him to do is open his mouth and speak. The Holy Spirit will act

on his vocal cords and mouth and speak through him. He must not yield to imagination

thinking "Oh, that is me doing that." He should open his mouth and speak whatever

comes out. Tell Him it may sound like garble or gibberish, but to keep speaking in faith.

Acts 10:44-46

Acts. 19:6

5. Explain to the person to totally disregard any previous teaching he has had on obtaining the

Baptism in the Holy Spirit. Help him to see that it is not fake, or him in the flesh. Help him

to understand, by speaking strictly what the Word of God says, that it is Godís will for Him to

be baptized in the Spirit, that it is a free gift from God. That it comes from the spirit not the


Ephesians 5:17-19

Luke 11:11-13

6. Encourage the person to open his mouth wide, to take a deep breath and say, "Father, I am

receiving the Holy Spirit right now by faith." Encourage him to speak audibly and to speak

whatever he hears, but not in English or his native tongue. As he speaks constantly

encourage Him. Encourage him to pray boldly and join him in praying in tongues.

7. Never crowd around someone who is being prayed for to receive the Baptism

and do not let a crowd gather. Others may stand back and support the person by

praying in the spirit quietly with him. The last instruction to be given should be to encourage

the person to pray often in his prayer language, it will edify him and strengthen him.