Are You In The Flesh, And What to do About It.

Authority Part 2

We have discussed in past classes, understanding our redemption and what that really means. One of the most important concepts we want to take a look at in these classes is that when you are born again, your spirit is spiritually reborn, not your body or mind. You are a new spiritual being, but physically and mentally, you are not changed.

The ZOE life of God came into you!

You are literally a new spiritual creature!

This ZOE life is the very life and nature of God and it dwells in you!

It is all the life God has to Give!. And it dwells in you and transforms your spirit into a new creation. Old things are passed away and you are a new creature!

You are not the same, no matter how you feel!

You are a new Creature!

It is important to meditate on this and get it into you spirit.

You have the Life of God in you! That is why you have the victory, past tense.

It is already yours.

You just need to walk in it!

It is not what you do that bring the victory, but who you have inside you!


Why is this important?

Because your spirit is born again, not your mind or body. And to walk successfully in your Christian Life, you must be spirit controlled and not body or flesh controlled.





Romans: 7:14-25

Key points:

"I am carnal."

"What I will to do, I do not."

"My members, (flesh), war against my will."

Will - according to Strong concordance is mind.

This is the battle that goes on between you spirit controlled mind and your flesh.

"I serve the law of God" Walking in the spirit.

The Flesh serves sin.

In other words, you know what is right, you just have trouble doing it.

Flesh: defined as the earthy or worldly part of a person. Carnal as opposed to

spiritual. Flesh is the corrupt, sensual nature.

Carnal: defined as sensual, worldly -- non-spiritual. Related to or given to crude

Desires and appetites of the flesh. Was often used to describe worldly


Why is this important?

Romans: 8: 5-8

Key points:

Set mind on things of flesh.

Cannot please God.

Galatians: 5:16-17

What this boils down to is total gratification of self. What I want, what I need,

What I think, What I want to do, What I desire.

It equals total absolute selfishness. This is the nature of the flesh.

Think about it Eve was seduced because of what she wanted!

All these things are the fruit if selfishness, because the flesh only thinks of itself.

When you let your selfish wants and desires control you, you will grow the fruits of the flesh - anger, strife, hatred, jealousy, selfishness ambition, lust, deceitfulness,

Contentions and even murder.

Because you are letting your selfish flesh control you and not the Life of God, The Zoë life of God, that is in your spirit, that has recreated you.

Your flesh is your unregenerate nature.

Your spirit is your regenerated or reborn nature, the new creation!

Traits of New Creation: Traits of Flesh:

"Fruits of the Spirit" Anger

Galatians: 5:22 Lust

Love, peace, joy, etc Greed

Also includes: Gluttony

Truthfulness Murder

Tender heartiness



You must keep your flesh under the dominion of Your Spirit.

And that is more than controlling your sensual appetite. It is controlling all the traits that we just mentioned. You have to squash the ugly head of anger, envy, jealousy, bitterness, strife, greed, lust when they rear their ugly head, in your life.

Ephesians: 4:22-24:

Key points;

You put off the old man.

You be renewed in the spirit of your mind.

You put on the new man, which was created according to God.

It is something YOU do! You are responsible for it.

Romans: 12:1,2:

You Present your body.

You renew your mind.

How do you renew your mind?

Let Look at 2 Tim. 2:14:

2 Tim. 2: 15, 19, 22

These are the things you do:

You renew your mind with the Word of God.

You study to show yourself worth.

You flee from youthful lusts.

You pursue righteousness.

These are all choices you make.

Take responsibility for your actions as a Believer and in every aspect of your life:

Colossians: 3:12-17

Key points: Put on love - This is the Key!

Let the Word of God dwell in you richly and pull that love of God that is in your

Spirit out, let it overflow.

1 Corinthians:13:1-13:


You do all these things, they are acts, that mean nothing if you donít let the Zoë

Life of God fill you and overflow from you!

Know in part - we will not need these things when we are in heaven with God.

All that will be left is our love for Him and His for us.

It has not passed away, as some teach, we still need these things, but we wonít need them in heaven.

Know as a child = immaturity, spiritual immaturity- or living in the flesh.

When you are immature you let your flesh govern you.

Think about a child. You have to teach a child to share. You have to teach a Child to say "thank you."

When you are Born again, you are a Baby Christian, unfortunately many of stay that way. You have to teach, feed your spirit so that it can grow to spiritual maturity.

You have to let the Love of God dominate your Flesh, to successfully control it.

It is amazing how unselfish, you become when you truly walk in love.

Let me close with this.

Romans 12: 9-16,21

Do not be overcome with evil. Evil =flesh=world-which is controlled by the god of this world - Satan.

Walking in Love is how you control you flesh.