The Renewed Mind

The renewed mind does not consider the circumstances. They are irrelevant.

The renewed mind does not look at alternatives. There will always be alternatives. Alternatives will draw you away from Godís best, and can be contrary to the plan and purpose of God.

The renewed mind will call those things which are not in the natural as

though they are.

The renewed mind will always look to the Word of God as the Final Answer.

The renewed mind is at peace and serene, there is no strife to be seen.

The renewed mind is hopeful. It expects. It is confident in its expectation, and only looks at the truth. It looks to the light and refuses the darkness.

There is no doubt, pity, or confusion. It will not waver, or consider what could be.

If you believe in your heart and speak with your mouth, you shall have what you say. So donít dismay or be afraid, but look to the One who is faithful and true, and see for yourself that God will always come through.

Glory to God.

By Mark Baker