These Tears

She knew her time had come.

She knew the end was near.

For herself she was happy and rejoicing,

But for others she cried these tears.

She only cried for love ones left behind,

Whose path to heaven was unclear.

For those not living for Jesus,

Is why she cried these tears.

Not for herself did she cry.

But for all she loved and held dear.

It was for the love ones that were lost,

That she cried all these tears.

Once she lived a life that was lost

It was back in her younger years.

But her life one day was changed.

For her mom too had cried these tears.

She did not want to leave them.

For she was over come with the fear

That some would miss heaven,

And for this she cried these tears.

As she laid on her dying bed.

The last words they would hear.

"Jesus loved and died for you,

And He too, cries these tears".

By: K. Ricks